information fatigue syndrome

information fatigue syndrome
The weariness and stress that result from having to deal with excessive amounts of information. Also: IFS.
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Psychologist Dr David Lewis, who was involved in preparing the report, suggested that a new phenomenon, information fatigue syndrome, had emerged as a direct result of the information revolution. Symptoms might include the paralysis of the analytical capacity, constant searches for more information, increased anxiety and sleeplessness, as well as increasing self-doubt in decision-making.
— Nick Hudson, "Managers 'Suffering from Info Overload'," Press Association Newsfile, October 14, 1996
Earliest Citation:
However, this does not mean the book cannot be improved upon. Mr Edmund Tan, a consultant with compensation experts Hay Management Consultants, suggests one more talent should be added to this list — How to filter information effectively.
"Prof Drucker's guidelines still hold true and all these talents are still, if not more, necessary in today's fast-paced world. But with so much bombardment of information, we sometimes tend to suffer from information fatigue-syndrome.
"Maybe he should add a sixth talent on how to to be selective about the information we receive," he says.
— S. Tsering Bhalla, "Hot tips from The Effective Executive," The Straits Times, October 5, 1994
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